Sunday , September 25 2022

Ryanair fires six employees for "false photos"


Ryanair has launched six crew members based in Portugal, accused of publishing a "fake photo" of them on the ground, denouncing their working conditions, reported on Wednesday in the company.

A "serious error". "The six members of the Porto crew were denounced on Monday 5 November (…) for serious misconduct by suspending a fake photo" to believe "that they" had to sleep on the floor of the Malaga Crew Room (southern Spain) Ryanair, stuck for months in conflict with its officials in various countries, said her reputation had suffered since the publication of this photo, which has sparked controversy.

A storm … On October 14, when storms blocked air traffic, about 20 crew members based in Portugal had to spend the night at Malaga airport. First in the Ryanair crew room, equipped with only a few chairs according to the trade unions, then in the VIP room which is usually dedicated to the customers. The workers then put on the ground for a photo. Posted on Twitter and claimed that the employees "slept on the floor of a crew room", had served to challenge the administration.

… and "full" hotels, justifies Ryanair. "Unfortunately, all hotels were crowded in Malaga," he replied after business manager Peter Bellew. "The storm caused huge damage in Portugal and the crew then moved (from the crew room to the VIP room)." "We all know that Malaga (…) and all Costa del Sol have huge housing supply, especially in October, during the low season," said the Spanish trade union Sticpla in a statement.

An association invokes "the right to indignation." For Luciana Paso, president of the Portuguese SNPVAC, this controversial photo was above all a "manifestation of the right to indignation." "There were 24 crew members in a room with 8 chairs, some of whom decided to show their indignation lying on the floor because the other chairs were occupied and a person who was not a crew member decided to publish the photo in social networks, and they end up being fired! "he complains, according to the Portuguese agency Lusa.

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