Saturday , April 1 2023

The COVID-19 AND MAGAL / Warning and Epidemiological Confrontation section talks about a downward trend two weeks later …


The Grand Magal de Touba, despite its popular appearance, will not eventually lead to an increase in Covid-19 incidents. On the contrary, according to the Alert and Epidemiological Prevention Unit, this trend is even declining.

An organization set up under General Ndigeli of the Caliphate of Mourides wanted to express a “national and international opinion that it is closely following the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic in Senegal” in a press release. “After the Great Magal on September 26, 2021, the downward trend in Covid-19 was clearly marked. As described, the collection of COVID events in the two weeks from August 28. As of September 11, 2021, there are 907 events.

Over the next two weeks (September 12-26), including Magal, this collection is reduced to 292 confirmed cases. Fifteen days after Magal (September 27-October 11), the same collection is further reduced to 103 positive events.

UAPE calls on the entire community to continue its individual and collective efforts to prevent Covid-19 and expresses its deep gratitude to the various partners who have supported it in this noble mission.

Touba also thanked the Organizing Committee of the Grand Magal and thanked the Serbian Caliph General Serigne Mountakha Mbacké …

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