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This little boy is shocked by the world with the most spectacular hair in the world


There are some hair that dreams of and one of Farouk James Miller's. This little British boy, who is only 6 years old, because he is unusually hairless.

Tall as three apples, it shows a long, curly hair that stretches all the way to the back. Instagram first saw angelic hair and her own hair that exploded in popularity before her career as a mini model. Today, all of your comments are exciting, and your Instagram account has more than 200,000 subscribers.

Sometimes in the wind, sometimes twisting or twisting, Farouk James Miller will knock on the length of the shooting and the desires because the little boy is very proud of his hair with which he likes fun.


Farrouk James Miller © Abaca

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Farrouk James Miller receives the wicker hair © Abaca

The hair with meticulous care

Bonnie's mom explains to our colleagues in the mirror: " When she was born, her hair was very stiff and very dark. Her hair grew very fast, but they were only curious at age four. The story of her incredible hair does not stop there. Over the years, little Farouk James Miller saw the shade developing: " His hair was first blond and then golden and brown ".

Her mother who is curly-haired admits that the interview requires a lot of time, but her son requires special attention. So prepare hair for every shampoo, leave the olive oil for 30 minutes. Shake the lava and flush it. Last Touch? Put your hair in a small Evian water or filtered water. Finally, they are gently dried in a microfibre towel.

He also told the American Huffington Post: " My first advice to parents of curly hair is to sleep on a silk pillow to hydrate their hair and protect them from fracturing. Her hair reminds her of the little girl who was stunned by the beautiful hair of Instagram.

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