Monday , May 29 2023

Waly Seck, the Senegalese youth looks at you! "


The comments range from all the senses for the appearance of Waly Seck at Dof Ndeye's concert. And he is not his first with his nonsense. We remember the episode of his famous bag well. We think it's time for the artist to come back.

Waly Seck stunned the canvas during his show at the Dof Ndeye concert with a very transparent outline. What even does on the web, some compare their style with the musician Titi.

Faramaren did not stop there. He took out a video to justify the appearance of saying that "Repeat Dafma".

Thione Seck's son must know that Senegal show-biz is different from what's happening on the other side of the world, the United States, etc. The Senegalese nation has its own realities. And anyone who violates his ethics will be attracted to criticism or insults.

In addition, Waly must know he has innocent fans who see him and who can easily be influenced by his way of doing things. It is therefore his duty as a public person to pull himself together, to be a good example of this youth margin that follows him.

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