Thursday , June 8 2023

A new leader in the coalition announced: He immediately announced to the citizens the important decision that will make home chaos! (VIDEO) | Telegraph


For the new leader, Marko chose Borat Santana, who faced a tough job of distributing his colleagues this week.

Bohr immediately announced to cooperatives the important thing about budget allocation.

Boras was elected as a new leader in the Cooperative, Printskrin: Youtube / Cooperative Official

Maybe I was expecting that, he said when we played once to put us in the forefront. Last year, I gave equal budgets and no one appreciated it, so I will not do it this year. Those who work will get a big budget, those who will not get tiny – announced the decision of newly-elected leader Bor, who believes he should not act as in the first season.

Then he resorted to the radio station to think peacefully, and Nemanja Tošić helped with this decision. They tried to remember who showed better the performance of home affairs last week and who was the lender.

Bora makes a list and decides to distribute this week's budget, Printskrin: Youtube / Cooperative Official

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