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Angina does not have antibiotics Zdravlje


Zorica Ostojić-Joksović |

                            15 November 2018. 09:41 |

In the fourteenth century, there is a great deal of ispira grlo that grows like a bloom or bosiljka, with its angina virus. The infection is not only transmissible, but also kijanjem koliko dodirom predmeta

It was im grlo, it was not the door of the gate, and it was blazing too. You know, if the temperature is too great, you are dreaming and you are just … So, uglavnom, izgledaju malšani with angina, koja is typikna za ovo the godine. They give birth to the fact that they are responsible for the change in the age of prostitution, and that they have the opportunity to drink or drink fresh water.

And if it is bos, such as the angina tačno javlja, the professor Dr. Branimir Nestorović and the University Clinic of Medicine at Tiršovice:

– Angina and burning glands are acutely infectious pain, which can be affected by bacteria or many other viruses. Tachynia, 20 years away, is a bacterium known as streptococcus, which is called a beta hemolytic streptococcus. It is also the autumn of the infected season that can be used to reduce the infection and bacteria and viruses. Deca finds himself at the collective center as well as blissful contact. I do not know, but the cause of the respiratory infections is not transmitted only by coughing and kissing, as it does after the cough and kijanja. Naime, on the extracts of bacteria and viruses, on the premetima koje malšani dodiruju, to what extent do you reach the međusobnog zaražavanja. However, during this period, vitamin D is not vitamin D, which is responsible for the immunoglobulin response to infection.

* Does the bacteria distinguish from virusine angine?

– No need to distinguish it. In the third or fourth of the year, angina and viral infections have occurred, not even antibiotics. For a little bit, it is a matter of imitation of the ispira grlo nekím the crest of the jalfije ili bosiljka. Tek posle četvra godine javlja with streptococcal angina and she is the only penicillin preparatima.

* Does posture of a koji symptom lessen bacterial infection?

– In this case, the temperature may be moderately high, which is characteristic for bacterial infection. In the case of temperature, the attitude of the gnojne naslage at the edges and at the same time will come to a return. Yes, bismo be sure and you will be able to use the bristle and get the result. For her parents, it is important to know how to get rid of the result that she is not complicit. For the purposes of this study, the use of antibiotics does not require the use of antibiotics, which may lead to the normal growth of the disease, or even to the infection of the period of life.

* How many angina strokes can i spontano da prođe?

– Angina seduam sedam a uvek prolazi spontano, bez ohľadu na to, že je bakterijskog ili virusnog porekla. Sickness does not shorten the trauma of pain, or can cause complications. The coding step and the aspirated aspirin result in the detection of the temperature of the antibiotic treatment.

* Do kojih komplikacija angina can do?

– Complicating the virus angine suck. Anyway, it is possible to drink in the glass, the laryngitis, whatever the eye of the eye, as well as the cellulite. On the other hand, it complicates the bacterial streptococcal angina mogu da vrlovo ozbiljne. The classic complication in the eyes of the rheumatism is that of the retina. The Czechs suffer from a complicated situation, which is a serious problem in the treatment of gonorrhea, which is a paraphernalia of apscesa. Attitudes and multi-faceted immunological complications, such as kojima, or smoking, and the burning of the giant koji traju i više godina. On the sire, ovo oboljenje retko ostavlja posledice. It can also be used to burn the bubble, and the last one will be described as a psychiatrist as well as a PANDAS syndrome. It is not possible for the mogu to bite or to the trainee, or to know whether the moguće can be provided with adequate medical treatment.

* Do you know the correct treatment of streptococcal angina?

– Lek izbora is penicillin, which is the streptococcus on its uvevek uvek osetljiv. Penicillin injections need not be changed, but the syrup capsules give you the most promising results. It is necessary to give the ten doctors who are in the infected area. Instead, the streptococcus stays at the cripples of the admirer waiting for the infection. Therapies do not need to be treated with hemomicin, and they are deficient in streptococci from penicillin and cephalosporin.


This is how the pain will go away, and the pain will return. It is also necessary to show off the countryside. It is obvious that the intervention is inappropriate in the seven episodes of bacterial, streptococcal angina. With the other side, the number of virus infections has not been positive. It is possible that the supremacy of the word will diminish the immune response. Sproved the study at Danskoj koja has boosted 1.6 million deaths, it has been ruled out by the country's risk manager that the risk of coughing on asthma and other organs, or other pains. Krajnike does not need to be aware of the fact that it is not the same as the general public, which is its ordinary function – the naglašava dr Nestorović.


If you are angina, you will be able to treat yourself even with the ispiranem growth of the jabukovog sirčeta. At the water's edge, sip the jerkin and give it the da ispira grlo svaka svata two sata. Grlo can be spared and grogoljanjem tea from cadmium, physiological growth or iodine povidonom. At the pool of water you build some capi joda povidona and time grlo.

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