Tuesday , October 4 2022

Criminal charges for illegal construction in Dositeyeva


A criminal complaint was filed against two residents of Novi Sad, the owner (50) and the manager of the construction company (64) because of a suspicion that they had committed three criminal offenses – construction without a building permit, police, according to a police statement.

For construction without a building permit, he is charged with another criminal prosecution with another Novosadjani (29), while 35-year-old from Novi Sad and 47-year-old Sirijanin are suspected of working hard on general security.

In mid-August this year, the house wall in Dositeeva 11 in Novi Sad collapsed as the investor building the building on the neighboring plot began digging the foundation.

The tenants of the demolished house were for the first time in the hotels provided by the municipality of Novi Sad for a month, after which they took the money to rent the apartment for six months.

Although the responsible inspector ordered the repair of the object in Dositeeva 11 and the return to its original condition, it has not been done until today.

According to the prosecutor's order, all five were transferred to the main prosecutor's office in Novi Sad, along with a criminal complaint, the police said.

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