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Dragan Bjelogrlić won the woman of his life! (PHOTO)


Maja and Dragan Bjelogrlić, Photo: Kurir / Damir Dervišagić

Fifteen years ago, in one of his rare interviews about his personal life, he revealed how he took his wife, Maja, in front of the family home in Banat village after only two weeks of dating. he knew the love story would go on forever. And he did not make a mistake. After celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in February with a trip to Miami, the veteran actor and promising director appeared with his wife on the premiere of “Wide Country.”

While she is in public, every appearance of Maja at an event in the capital attracts a lot of attention. So it happened again. He came to the Yugoslav Drama Theater to support his son AlexeyAlthough he was still a student, he had his first major premiere on stage, where he deceived the audience by walking among Ljuba Tadic, Stevo Chigon, Branko Pleša and others. Misha Yanketich and Nikola Simic.

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Dragan Bjelogrlic, Maja Bjelogrlic
photo: Kurir / Marina Lopičić

Full lung basket

Not a talented son Alexey Like her beautiful and very intelligent daughter Mija, Dragan would not have been brave, but when she met a long-legged model and a student of the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, she gambled on everything or nothing. Maja Banićević. After an interesting Belgrade night party, at dawn the actor took Maja to Baranda. They stood under a tree, and he pointed to his house and his large yard and said, “Try to cover it all with one glance. You are smart, your children will grow up here. “

Maja chose. Now his last name is Bjelogrlic and he has two beautiful children from a great Serbian actor and director. Although every step and share they took on social networks was closely followed, they managed to protect their privacy from the storms of nonsense and tabloids. They are the strongest and highest support for children and have allowed Mija and Alexei to choose their own path, which is sometimes not easy when their work grows up with their parents, who create a big shadow. Probably even today, in Baranda, on the Bjelogrlić family estate, Maja and Dragan walk barefoot on the grass, remembering their first mornings together in the basket-filled Banat plain everywhere.

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Dragan Bjelogrlic, Maja Bjelogrlic
photo: Kurir / Damir Dervishagich

Great loves, in addition to length, are equally supportive of success and crisis. And Maja, with restraint and perseverance, was with Draga for twenty-five years.

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