Thursday , June 8 2023

Dušica Jakovljević celebrates her birthday with her ex-husband: We have no filter, just love! (Photo)


Dušica Jakovljević celebrated his birthday in a family setting, the successors' company Angela and Ognjena, as well as his former wife, Aleksandar Miljus.

Former husbands after divorce have been in good relationships and all together and without any problems celebrate the beautiful day. During the day, they were also gathered at the family meal. The host does not remove the smile from his face.

Let's recall that Dusica Yakovewic spent a very traumatic period of life when parking in front of the building where the resident exploded a jeep that belonged to her boyfriend.

After a tough event, she decided to overcome her fear of jumping into this account, but she also fully focused her attention on children and the family.

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