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Federer ruled out – Zver's first finalist


Alexander Zverev made great success, playing for the title at the ATP Tour Finals in London. And that was not a success, defeating Roger Federer, 7: 5, 7: 6 (5).

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Photo: Getty Images

After 22 years, he will be the first German in the final of the final tournament. He was better than Switzerland, but also by the London audience who apparently shouted for Roger.

In the second set, at one point, Zverev interrupted the game because the ball fell off a boy's pocket by collecting balls. Poen had to repeat it, but he followed an inconceivable reaction from the audience, which went to Zvereva for this.

And at the end of the fight, he did not get a nice one he deserved, but that should not be a hindrance because he has unlocked one of the biggest triumphs so far. In addition to the three Masters titles, he now has at least the finals of the final tournament in which his opponent will be better than the Novak Djokovic and Kevin Anderson matches.

In the first set, both tennis players were specialized in their service. Something similar to the first set between Djokovic and Chilic, both Federer and Chevrev were at the expense of the mission.

However, Federer was the first to resign in the 12th game. Unfortunate for him, allowed the opponent three breaks and put the ball, Zverev used it and took the original set after just 41 minutes of the game.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

In the second set, Federer was the one who took the break in the third set. He moved from 2: 1, but when he was expected to confirm the break, Zverev replied with the same measure and equalized to 2: 2.

In the next eight games, there were no breaks, so Zverev and Federer had to decide on the winner of the set at the ta-break.

In 4: 4, Zverev got a point, and then Federer made a mistake in the net and Zverev took two balls.

Roger saved his first service, but not the other. Great German made a point, made Federer defensive, and then the fight ended with a beautiful bekhend volley hit

The second semi-final match at "O2 Arena" between Đoković and Anderson starts at 21:00.

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