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I would like ten fingers! Pavkov was surprised when he saw that he had come …


Bug bench: I would like ten fingers! Pavkov was surprised when he saw that he had come ...

Without a recognizable smile, Jürgen Klop entered a press conference at the Marakana Press Center. But again, the great Schmeker maintained a nice and positive style of behavior. He even managed to find out when he asked if Rajko (Delibašić, a journalist known for frequent events at conferences. aut.) something angry, because some of his tactics were running with him.

Despite all this, it seemed that German had seriously lost his defeat and that he was surprised by Starzin's incredible version.

The first question was who would be guilty of your finger?
"I would like ten fingers to be able to … Staridge missed a good chance at the beginning and since then everything has gone wrong." They came into the race with strong players with new players compared to the first race, the atmosphere was incredible. were in good psychological condition for the continuation of the race They have pushed some new players that are obviously very important for them We gave them too many breaks and we did some things It is not cool to get a goal in a match like this and in this environment As these struggles lead in this direction ".

German was more pleased with the game in the second half
"We tried in the second with the changes and we got a bad situation in the penalty area, in the second half we dominated, we had chances, but that was not enough, especially at the decisive moments we were supposed to point out, and we usually guess from these situations".

Has the atmosphere and the atmosphere of your court affected your players?
"I do not know … It was a good football atmosphere, it was not an atmosphere where we can not play or we should be afraid of something, they were strong and they are real people of football, especially after the second goal, they smelled they could win us. It was not easy for us to come back, we did not play the right balls at the right times, We did not manage to restore the chances, It is difficult to return tactics to such races, You try to solve the problem but it does not work ".

Star surprised you with a tactic?
"What was amazing about the tactics?" It did not surprise us, it was similar to the first game, it was wild, but then we were controlling the game, we were not tonight, they were aggressive, but more aggressive ever since we have to congratulate Red Star for victory, winning it because of the passion they showed ".

Have you been surprised? Milan Pavkov;
"You are so wise after playing with this question … He has already changed the race to Salzburg when he entered, it was clear that he would be on the ground with him differently than in Liverpool, he is a very good assailant, but I think he was surprised with the other goal and when he saw that he had entered ".

With the statement that Liverpool should change some things in the game for hosting in Paris in 15 days, Klop finished the conference.

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