Monday , May 29 2023

NATIONAL AFFAIRS VOJISLAV VUJIC: Unique Serbia in Niš has 3,500 members and is stronger than ever | News


A press conference was held at the Municipal Committee of Serbia in Nis on the occasion of yesterday's quitting of the five party members, including three members of the Assembly of the Municipality of Nis in the Serbian Progressive Party.

"I want to refuse yesterday's information in some media since United Serbia left 5 members of 3,500 Unique Serbia on the territory of the city Niš, which reported that Unique Serbia in Nis and Nisava is no longer present Today Unique Serbia has 3495 members only in Nis, "said Vice-President of Unified Serbia and deputy of the people Vojislav Vuyiet.

At the press conference in Nis, the presidents of the municipal councils of United Serbia attended by all the municipalities of Nis, as well as the presidents of the municipal councils from all over Nis Dejan Igitovich from Ghanzin Khan, Goran Petkovic from Alexinak, Markos Stosic from Doljevac, Goran Marinkovic from Svrljig, Jovica Ilic from Merošine, Žarko Milošević from Niška Banja, which shows that Nikolai Ilts's obvious lie, as he said at yesterday's press conference, that United Serbia in the Nisava region no longer exists.

Serbian Vice-Presidents George Kossanić and Dejan Ignatovic also took part in the press conference and the Chairman of the Cities Committee of Unique Serbia in Nis Bozidar Ilts.

"Only Serbia is stronger in the Nisava area today than it will appear in the local elections in Doljevac on December 16, when we come out on our own It is true that Southeast Serbia has 3500 loyal members who did not participate in the party because of Nikolai Ilyich and Vladimir Vogonjic, in front of everything, but because of the policies of our President Dragan Markovic Palma, "Vuzdic said.



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