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NOVAK RELIABILITY: Djokovic declares Anderson and goes to the final! | Tennis


J. Jevremovic |

November 17, 2018 22:31> 23:33 |

The best tennis player for everything in the second semi-final defeated easily and convincingly South Africa – 6: 2, 6: 2. For the sixth title of the final captain against Zevev

The final tournament in London started with the impression that the first favorite should be assigned immediately and the other tennis players sent to the holiday. And Kevin Anderson was thinking in the Maldives tonight after Jokovic's first, early rift, because every match in the semi-finals was futile with a statistic view. Novak has always had better service than the dimmer on the other side of the network, which is a smaller specialty. In the final score of 6: 2, 6: 2 in the table should be 6: 4 in aces …

Aleksander Zverev has already played this game with the world's best footballer covering the dominant server this week, and on Sunday (19.00) he should be better at the big finals than winning the Federer (7: 5, 7: 6) an opportunity to avoid another (convincing) defeat by a Serb in London.

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Whether the big triumph over Roger gave him wings or pulled the last men of power, Novak will try to look into the introductory battles for the sixth trophy in this tournament. So far, the record holder is in Switzerland and the Serbian tennis player does not miss the chance to stay in tennis readings that he is equal to or better than the bigger opponent.

Six months ago, the character of this unbeatable tennis player began to be reconstructed and the expression of a person from whom it is possible to read only the pleasure of triumph and wishes to keep new titles in the last match of the season.

– Many players have been tired in London, and this tournament is one of the most important. We try to find out what's left of us and fight in the end, "Djokovic pointed out and takes it only by hand.

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The traces of a difficult road from a series of defeats in the first part of the season to a spectacular return to another, do not look on his face. You do not come, get, service, volleyball …

– In the semi-final I played the best race this week. This party came at the right time. Kevin showed great tennis this week, but my early stoppage immediately made the difference. His first service obviously did not work, it is not usual to have more Aces than Anderson – Djokovic's statistics are surprised.

Before the finals with a young German star, where the Germans no longer have much hope, our ace is careful.

– It is not common for you to meet the same player twice in a single tournament. I played well in the group stage but was far from his level. He took the form against Federer was great. But my approach will be the same as in previous races.

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The impression is that Novak can only stop this season until the end of the season.

1. R. Federer 6
2. N. Dzowowicz 5
2. P. Sampras 5
2. I. Lendl 5
5. I Nastase 4

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