Monday , March 27 2023

Paris will plant 170,000 trees to improve the city’s climate


Paris has been one of the most polluted cities for years, and now the French capital wants to improve the city’s climate by planting 170,000 new trees.

According to the city administration, additional trees will be planted everywhere, along the streets, squares, parks, as well as on highways around the city. The goal is to combat climate change.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide, improve air quality and help keep the city cool in the summer heat. In addition, trees are a natural barrier against noise and visual pollution, which improves Paria’s health and reduces stress.

The city administration stressed that Paris is already one of the European cities with the most trees. There are about 200,000 trees in the city itself, and another 300,000 trees in the urban mind of Boulogne and Vincennes.

Additional trees should be planted by 2026. 2020/21 in the first planting season. About 14,000 young trees have already been planted.

For this purpose, the city has its own tree garden. In terms of safety, less than 1.5 percent of the trees should be cut down, he said.

Since 2014, Paris has been tracking the tree system using an automated system, each tree has its own digital line map and is reviewed annually.

The trees on the street are not older than 80 years on average. The French Council of State said efforts were urgently needed to improve the climate in Paris this summer.

In many metropolitan areas, including Paris, the state has been fined millions for excessive air pollution.

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