Wednesday , October 5 2022

"Planule" of Komercijalna Banka for 70 million dollars


The total turnover amounted to 582 million Dinars (4.9 million Euros).

Belgrade Stock Exchange

BELEX15's most liquid assets index fell by 0.6% to 744.56 points, but the week ended with a quarter of the profit.

BELEXline also declined today by 0.4%, reaching 1,554.12 points, while on a weekly basis it gained almost 0.9%.

The ordinary shares of Komercijalna Banka recorded the highest turnover in current transactions of 69.4 million dinars, but with a 2.0% drop in 2,057 dinars. On the other hand, the privileged shares of this bank were at the top of the list of winners of the day, albeit with a modest increase of 0.1% to 681 dinars and traded for 0.2 million dinars.

Nikola Tesla Airport was slightly offset by closing the trade to 1,699 dinars, with 1.2 million dinars.

Kopaonik, based in Belgrade, which deals with the processing and processing of iron ore products and the trade in building materials and heating, was maintained at a cost of 4,800 dinars and was paid for 0.3 million dinars.

The same turnover of 0.3 million dinars was recorded by Gornji Milanovac Metalac at 2,040 dinars, at least during the previous trading session.

Serbia's oil industry shares fell 1.0 percent to 686 dollars, with the realization slightly surpassing one quarter of the dinars.

The activity of foreign investors on the stock market was very limited today, so their share in both total turnover and in the market and sale was negligible.

The state-run bonds of the RSO17154 series, whose maturity date in May 2019, made a turnover of 509.7 million dinars.

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