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POBE WAS LOCATED TO USE LAZIC: Sasha prayed that Darko should not be drugged! | Stars


POBE WAS LOCATED TO USE LAZIC: Sasha prayed that Darko should not be drugged!

Photo: Damir Dervišagić / Kurir

Darko Lazic, before experiencing a serious traffic accident, has been criticized by Sasa Popovic for the drug.
As Courier learns, Popovic was a few years ago, while Lazic's contract with "Grand" was still in force, he had conversations with a singer in four eyes, trying to get him out of wedlock.

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– Darko was one of the most paid and sought-after singers in production. Since winning the 2009 Grand Prix in 2009, he has only succeeded. From "Granda" took an apartment and a song for a gift, and the seven-year contract worked for mutual satisfaction. However, although Darko won a lot of money for himself and for production, Sasha was very worried when he learned that the younger singer not only drinks but also drugs, says our source and adds that Popovic's knowledge has affected him so much decided to talk to him father:

photo: Profimedia, Damir Dervishagic

– Sasha acted very decisively. He told his father that he was an adult and capable, that he was already a husband and father and that he should be more responsible for himself and his fellow human beings. Darko heard his head explaining that it was important that his career ceased to be off-road but that the question was not just how long it would last but what would happen to his health. Although he had promised to listen to him, Sasha did not seem convincing. He told his colleagues several times that Darko would stumble if he continued … Unfortunately, he was right.

photo: Aleksandar Jovanovic Cile

Two years ago, Lazic had terminated the contract, so he no longer had any obligation on "Grand" but remained part of the production, and Popovic and all his employees were constantly asking for his health. As the young singer says, he is struggling in the last few days with the crisis, and a psychiatrist often comes to him to help him. He also tried to enter the hospital with the merchant, but the security was blocked.

Marija Dejanović / photo: Damir Dervishagic


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