Saturday , June 25 2022

Public discussion on RTV programming content


The information of socially vulnerable groups, children, youth, minority communities and village life was the topic of public debate on the content of the provincial public service program in Bačko Monoštor, which proudly prized the locals as living multiculturalism.


Ivan Petrovic, Chairman of KUD's Board of Directors 'Beache Rumunka' in Backa Monostor, highlights the content of the Roma education and culture programs, recalling the long-standing collaboration with RTV.

"From the beginning of the union, we watched from Rome's TV station, what was the first advice, the first meetings for organizing it to be something Roma, we had with Peer Nicole", Ivan Petrovits said.

Marija Mrgić points out that she is increasingly watching the television program, the curriculum of the educational nature of the youngest Motostorci.

"I think it is interesting that we have good cooperation with RTV correspondents and looking for attachments, whether proposed by correspondents or we, the locals, are developing even better cooperation," he said.

Praises the news program, highlighting Stipan Benić from Bačko Monoštor, highlighting Dnevnik at 5 pm Issues in the field of culture and village life are well documented in many reports, but the current problem is highlighted.

"We are facing the problems of juvenile delinquency and vandalism, and I do not think there are enough educational programs for parents on this subject, first of all I think that this issue should be a lot more media attention, he said.

Zdenka Mitić from Bačko Monoštor is a member of the RTV Planning Council and pointed out that during the public discussion in Bačko Monoštor there are many interesting suggestions, tips and issues that will enrich the content of the RTV program.

"The issues that need to be spread through programs are only the villages and good examples we have in our village," said Mitic.

Upon completion of the public hearing cycle, the Program Board prepares a report to be delivered to the program address.

"Based on the recommendations of the program council members and based on what we hear during the discussions in Vojvodina, they bring the paper to their program," explained Maja Petrovic, president of the RTV program.

This was an opportunity for publishers to pay special attention to certain content of the program in order to provide a more qualitative and enjoyable program of provincial public services.

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