Monday , October 3 2022

Series of roots playing Mondo Portal


The "Roots" series, which is broadcast to RTS, has attracted a lot of attention to the audience, due to the theme it deals with, which naturally is due to the scene that acts.

Aka Katic's role was Zarko Lausevic, who many say is "not from this world," and it's a "feeling on the go". Sloboda Mićalović plays Simka and this role has really proven the splendor of her talent and proved she can get out of some of her comfort zones.

During filming, Igor Djordjevic, who plays George, discovered he felt some pressure to play a character that was "born to be unhappy". Vukasin's brother, Rasa Vujovic, who before the show, told MONDO that he had much to do with Lausevic.

"When you have a partner like Lausha, all you can do is enjoy yourself, enjoy and learn."

Nenad Jezdic, who plays Tolstoy's chamber, has no less important role than Goran Šušljik, who is also the producer of the series that RTS says will be watched more in 2018.

The story of the novel and the series takes place in the fantastic village of Prerov, in the last decades of the 19th century, during King Milan, and follows the life of the rich family of Katik and their maids.

In a multitude of patterns and themes, the family and family father and son conflict pattern, family origin and identity problem, the preservation of cult Serbian national mythologies, the political conflicts leading to the national formation of intellectual Slavic educators abroad are patriarchal despotism worship, and the position of women in the family, as well as many others.

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