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Chelsea News: Risk reveals when to make Real Madrid decision Football | Sport


The Belgian international has been closely associated with Real Madrid since it hinted at the transferability during the World Cup in the summer.

Since then, the risk has shown that La Liga's grandmothers are the only club to leave Chelsea, calling them a "dream" club.

The long-term future of the 27-year-old is on the air with just 18 months from his current Chelsea contract.

But despite London's willingness to hand over Hazard an £ 300,000 deal a week to reduce Madrid's mistakes, the frontman still has to show he will put the pen on paper.

It has been reported that the Risk will wait for Real Madrid to inform him if he intends to launch an offer to sign him next summer.

Despite reports, Los Blancos chose not to make a move for the risk last summer but did not show factor x in the last third since Cristiano Ronaldo left for Juventus.

And having enjoyed a strong 2018, impressing the World Cup and providing eight goals and four hits so far this season – including seven in the Premier League, the risk is set to become their top goal.

But he again asked for his ambitions to play in Real Madrid, Hazard insists that his future is not something in his mind now – but he will face it at the end of the campaign.

"I only think about Chelsea now," Sporza told the Belgian television channel.

"The contest lasts seven or eight months, after which we will see what happens.

"The coach has the same soccer philosophy with I. We always think about the ball.

"How do we as players think about football, this is also his way of thinking.

"If you see how Naples plays, it's thanks to Maurizio Sarri.

"His style is now reflected in Chelsea, he also has players matching the system.

"So yes, we are very happy, we play good football".

Chelsea is undefeated in 18 fights with Sarri having lost to any Italian competition and hoping to prolong the run against the Spaniards after an international break (Saturday, November 24, 17:30).

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