Friday , September 30 2022

Dashcam: Leading director Rob Savage’s film named ‘polarized horror of the years’


A new film is called “one of the scariest features of the years.”

Dashcam It premiered in the UK at the London Film Festival on Thursday 14 October. Zoom Horror is a film produced by Jason Blum from Rob Savage Host During quarantine in 2020.

The film, shot on the iPhone, destroys the audience. The pandemic in Los Angeles follows a musician (Annie Hardy) who is depressed from her lifestyle and breaks the quarantine to go to London to see her bandmate (Amar Chadha-Patel).

Annie decides to broadcast her actions live to an online audience, and soon things take a turn for the worse.

Many people who attended the premiere of Prince Charles Cinema UK in London were not satisfied with the wild excitement of the film, the reactions agreed on one thing: it is necessary to see with the audience.

Writer, director and creative producer Nia Childs wrote: “Dashcam It was RIDE. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun – the audience can do it. Screaming, laughing, I think someone is almost sick at once? “

Anna Bogutskaya, a writer and horror expert, added: “I’m going for a second look #DASHCAM at #LFF Because this film requires a ship without a role to be seen with an audience. “

Journalist Tom Beasley said the film “played gangbusters” with a crowd.

For International Screen, Wendy Ide called the film “angrily chaotic.” Fear CenterChad Collins predicted that he would “dominate the swearing of fear” after his release.

Most of the film’s critics are cast against the face mask, which has been branded “one of the scariest characters in the film’s last memory.” Bloody Disgusting critic Meagan Navarro.

Jude Dry, writes for IndieWire, said: “Equal parts are confusing, challenging and crazy fun, Dashcam the most inventive is horror. “

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The Rotten Tomatoes score, which proves how divisive the film is, is now 50 percent based on 39 reviews.

DashcamWritten by Savage, co-written by Gemma Hurley and Jed Shepherd, it currently has no release date in the UK.

Savage’s previous film, Host, Can be broadcast on Shudder.

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