Sunday , September 25 2022

In Japan, cats are trying for some reason to enter the Museum – new ZIK.UA


For many years, cats have been trying to get into the Oomc Museum, located in Japan near Hiroshima.

Strange behavior of animals no one can explain – the news of the world.

В японії кішки з незрозумілої причини намагаються проникнути в музей - news ZIK.UA

Everyday fluffy quadrupeds come to the Museum and try to enter the automatic door with the visitors. The museum staff politely redirects the cats so they are in the room that is forbidden.

A while ago the video appeared, which shows how they buy the marketone. The guards develop an animal by 180 °, pointing to the exit. The Japanese love cats a lot, so be careful with them. However, these people undoubtedly apply the rules.

The cats began to come when the Museum opened a cat painting exhibition. The first four-leg team came in at an hour before the event. The impression that we should see their relatives. The story is very strange and mysterious.

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