Saturday , April 1 2023

In the heavens above India they were shot by two Suns


In the sky above Indy's, the two soldiers flashedAn unusual phenomenon has no explanation.

The resident of an Indian village has seen abnormal phenomena appearing near the sun. The man noticed a fiery disk in the sky.

The video presents a strange object that flew incredibly close to the sun. The first people were thinking about the solar flame, but then I realized that this theory can not be true, as the glow is very great.

No one can say what the object was seeing in the sky. Perhaps it is some kind of big asteroid that is approaching our planet. Some say the mysterious body is available in the writings of ancient Sumer. In autumn the object will cause an abnormal climate change that causes the end of the world.

Scientists must be noted, not much trust in ancient writings, so we are trying in every way to reassure people who have read the revelations of the urologists and the theoretical conspiracy.

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