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SDP strongly suggests that apartments can be sold back to HDB and a "Singaporeans First" policy when it comes to jobs


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In a video released yesterday, the Democratic Party of Singapore (SDP) has shared a series of solutions to many problems affecting the nation, such as the devaluation of Flat Board Development Board (HDB) leases, the rising cost of living and the influx of many foreigners .

The video included SDP members such as President Professor Paul Anantharajah Tambyah, Vice President John Tan Liang Joo, and Secretary General Dr Chee Soon Juan.

Non-open market plan

The list of their proposed solutions begins with one to solve the problem of the value of HDBs falling as they are near the end of their 99-year leases. They proposed a non-open market system, where HDB apartments are charged at cost, excluding land costs. They also add that owners of flat non-open markets can sell their apartments back to HDB and any amount minus the useless lease will be refunded.

"Singapore first" policy

The SDP also proposed a "Singaporeans First" policy where foreigners wishing to work in Singapore should be placed on a list if they meet strict qualifications and criteria. Only after employers can prove that they have exhausted all the possibilities to find a local and can not yet do so can employ a foreigner on the list.

Wage ministers

Among other policies, the SDP has proposed to Members to pay ten times the average salary of the lower 20th percentile of Singapore and to pay the ministers three times the amount of a member's allowances. They also said that the prime minister should be paid only four times in relation to a Member's allowance.

According to their recommendations, they reported that the Prime Minister paid 56,000 drachmas a month, while ministers 42,000 drachmas a month. Presently, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's salary is about $ 183,000 a month.

Mr Damahuri Abas also proposed that a minimum wage bill be applied in Singapore.

If the suggested solutions were realistic or feasible, their video encountered a whole host of issues.

Can their measures solve any of the nation's issues?


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