Monday , October 3 2022

The Ukrainian missile will deliver the Cygnus spacecraft to the ISS


The Ukrainian missile delivered a spacecraft Cygnus to the ISS

NASA prepares for the 10th launch of the Antares missile industry in Ukraine

The Antares missile will travel to the International Space Station on November 15 for the implementation of the NASA Convention, reports with reference to events, ICTV

The Cygnus truck, which will carry the Ukrainian rocket, will deliver to MKS employees a different load, including the experiments.

Start Antares is already the tenth. The first was in 2013 and the last in May 2018, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

As you know, the first stage of Antares was designed in southern Dnepropetrovsk, and is produced in the same Ukrainian city Yuzhmash. Other Ukrainian enterprises are also involved in the project.

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