Monday , March 27 2023

‘This is what we need’: Some leave their jobs when COVID-19 runs out


Mark and Victoria are slow. They flew to Thailand in September and entered the country via a Phuket sandbox, allowing fully vaccinated travelers without quarantine.

They plan to travel around Thailand for at least three to six months and are currently on Koh Phangan Island.

“It’s been great so far. Different people have different arrangements, but that’s what we need for mental health,” Mark said.

“Of course, traveling is not so easy. It comes with its own difficulties, our car broke down, and all this, but it’s a new experience, and it’s a positive thing.”

The couple also acquires new skills such as photography, video editing and social media through videos and courses on platforms such as Coursera and LinkedIn.

“Holidays are a time not only to relax, but also to learn new things and keep up with digital trends,” Victoria said. “If we weren’t here, I don’t think we would have had time to explore these new areas.”

Hoping to share their experiences and inspire other Singaporeans looking to make a similar leap in trust, the two first-person travel videos have been uploaded to The Lost Dew YouTube channel so far.


As for those who may be worried about material damage from a vacation or career holiday, Mark said traveling in the region during a pandemic could be cheaper than people think.

“A dinner in Thailand can be $ 1 or $ 2. Of course, for some people, it may not be what they look like,” he said.

Mark said they saved enough time to provide for a rainy day and set aside a budget for a long trip.

“Usually we set aside some budget for travel each year, and we didn’t travel for that long, so we took it as our travel expenses,” Victoria said.

Mr Lee points to celebrities and CEOs who have quit their jobs as they struggle with questions about their values, stressing that those who fail to make a profit during the pandemic are part of the “luxury segment”.

If prospective employers demand a response to CV vacancies, some, such as those facing economic uncertainty and a career stigma, will not be able to afford it, he said.

“Many people are so trapped by bills that they can’t quit, and mental health is so important in the workplace today. We need to take care of those who can’t quit.”

In this regard, Mr. Lee stressed that the luxury of a career break can lead to a deeper appreciation of the meaning of life.

“It can be free to take some time off the hamster wheel because we flex our mental muscles in a different way – maybe to explore a childhood hobby, an alternative career, or just to read and think,” he said.

“We often return to the business world with a new agenda and outlook, on our own terms, with a higher level of secular, spiritual purpose and enthusiasm.”

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