Sunday , September 25 2022

Actor Meg Ryan has a great innovation!


Meg Ryan (55) and musician John Mellencamps (67) broke up for the first time, but in 2017 they repeated their romance again. Now their relationship has moved a little bit further.

A few days ago, speculation began to spread about whether he was committed. At one of the Halloween parties, Meg had found an unforgettable gem in his ring that was unforgettable. On Thursday, the actor on the social network published a photograph of a child's drawing, according to which he wrote "Commitment!".

The couple began dating in 2010, but after five years they announced a break. "I liked Meg Ryan but hates me for death" reports the words of John's desperate John Online Portal at that time. The musician admitted that he behaved like a child, was avid and was still complaining about something. However, as they say, the old love of rust and in 2017 returned to each other again.

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