Tuesday , January 31 2023

Alain Chevalier, co-founder of luxury goods company, died. | Economy – New Article articles


Paris, November 5 (TASR) – LVMH co-founder Alain Chevalier died on November 1st. On Sunday, he briefed Paris's Elysos Palace on this.

In 1987, Chevalier and Henry Racamier merged Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy into a luxury goods business, consisting of 70 brands that employ 150,000 people worldwide.

Chevalier's death was also expressed by French President Emmanuel Macron, who described the deceased magician as a visionary who "gave his intelligence and talent to the service of politics and industry, with his vision and determination to take France the first place in the luxury sector ".

LVMH concerns companies engaged in the production and sale of alcohol, fashion, cosmetics and jewelery. The most well-known brands include Moët & Chandon, Hennessy and Luis Vuitton, as well as Dior, Sephora and TAG Heuer.

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