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Communication World: Green Households: Terms of Registration


Slovak Agency for Innovation and Energy (SIEA)
published the conditions for the registration of the installations to be installed
with the support of the national support plan for small renewable energy sources

Pay special attention
in particular biomass boilers and heat pumps for which they have been modified
technical conditions to take account of changes in legislation and market changes. to
pumps and boilers could be listed, the application must be delivered
including annexes demonstrating compliance with the technical terms. The coupon is
can only be issued for registered devices. Some of the devices are not already available
available due to the end of production and are also cases where the manufacturer has ceased to exist. and
lists of other device types must be updated. in the
solar panels, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines remain
the technical conditions are the same. Solar collectors and photovoltaic panels in which
were submitted for a coupon or enrolled in 2018, will do so
automatically transferred to a new list. Others have been designed for deletion. list
The proposed deletion equipment is published on the website.
Suggestions for deleting specific devices can be made in writing during the 30th year
days after the publication of the proposal.

It is also advisable to inform you technically before you start the project
parameters of solar energy devices, such as those supported
the solar panels that need to be re-certified every 10 years
parameters. This may be a reason to ask for a device to be deleted
to apply for a new entry. New circumstances
listings allow deletion from the list at any time during the project
approved devices. The application must be accompanied by the manufacturer's confirmation
specifying the reason for deleting the device. List of devices designed to
Deleted on request will be constantly updated, suggestions may be possible
within the deadline. Changes in the technical conditions of biomass boilers
current European eco-design requirements. After a new one
the maximum levels for nitrogen oxides and nitrogen oxides also formed part of the technical conditions
Demonstration of minimum seasonal energy efficiency is also required. young
the state of registration of heat pumps is to prove the minimum
seasonal output power (SCOP) values ​​and nominal thermal power for
average climatic conditions and application at low temperatures.

Device listing is document driven
Terms of entry in the list of National Green Project facilities
households II. Applications must be submitted in writing.
More details on how to record and delete devices are possible
go to the project page in the device section or e-mail address
[email protected].

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