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Despite her youth, this beauty became Woman of the Year 2018


One of the most prestigious awards for women at shoubiznis is this year's young American singer Ariana Grande (25).

The woman of the year is a prize that gives a huge respect to the sexiest sex in the world of music for their efforts and achievements in the social sphere. It is organized by the leading American Billboard company, especially in the music industry.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Source: Northfoto

This year Ariana Grande will be the winner of this famous prize. Despite her young age, she has done so much. As the organizers of the event themselves claim, it is a personality that always comes to their conviction and never surrenders.

Besides, in her musical career, she has done it like ever before and is doing more and more of it, her fame and popularity is also used to support the things she believes.

He actively participated in a life course to fight for greater security in the use of weapons, as well as a path for the rights of women and minorities. It has consistently been involved in actively promoting care for people with mental health problems.

In addition, a year ago, she became part of the enormous tragedy in Manchestri, a terrorist attack during her concert.

From this event and from the loss of life of innocent people, the singer has long been spamming, but it was not long before and he organized a big benefit concert called One Love, which helped raise $ 23 million to help families they died of tragedy.

She has also been invited by many colleagues in the music industry to such a great deal as Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay and Black Eyed Peas.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Source: Northfoto

Her music and charisma have won millions of people around the world. He has 4 studio albums on his behalf, and the fifth is already on his way, the light of the world will see by the end of this year. From each album, the singer has many successful songs that have come to the top of the world's music stairs.

In addition to the musical sphere, Ariana also became famous for her talent. He has appeared in popular series such as Victorious or Scream Queens.

For a few months, he started the next world tour, which he is already preparing for these days.

The Woman of the Year award ceremony will be held on December 6 in New York.

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