Wednesday , May 31 2023

HBO has confirmed the release of the latest Game of Thrones TV series


The truth order will be the last eighth order in April 2019. It will have six episodes of about one and a half hours. The HBO TV, from which this successful project operates, confirmed it in its official Twitteri.

While the audience watched ten parts in the first six rows, the seventh episode was the last of the seventh. The downward trend has been confirmed by the creators, the eighth series will have one more.

The base of the fans will be somewhat larger. Each part of the last series will take about 90 minutes, which is about half an hour longer than in the previous series.

The final series will come one and a half years after the seventh. HBO confirmed it with a trailer posted on official Twitters shared on YouTube. The last line will be accompanied by the hashtag # ForTheThrone, which the audience has already learned to adopt.

The last part of the Thunder Games was filmed in October 2017 at Studios Titanic Studios in Belfast. At the end of November, fans also took photos of key crew members at Kit Kit Harington's head, The Telegraph writes.

Another good news for loyal viewers is the creators' claim that the characters killed in the series are about to return to the final. In addition to human characters, the stench of John Snow, also known as Ghost, was last screened in the sixth series.

"You will see him again," said Joe Bauer, chief of visual effects for The Huffington Post, in the eighth series.

The creators promise the audience a good demonstration experience. The longer the final "final" comes. But there is no secret that another project, the upcoming spin-off called The Big Night, will "cut off" Tomb games.

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