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Slavia coach after Prague derby: Soccer for nothing, Help us – Foreign championships – Football – Sports


Tomáš Souček

Tomáš Souček from Slavia on an archive image.

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Four goals and a dramatic match to the end brought the Sunday Derby between Sparta and Slavia.

After the draw 2: 2, the stacking of the score stays on the front of the table
Czech Championship before the Pilsen win. The coach hosts Jindřich
Trpišovský was not happy with the game and criticizes the quality
on the 290th Derby.

"There have been four goals, but soccer has not fallen for anything.
match, "said coach Slavie after the meeting. The game was for 36 minutes
in the lead, thanks to the exact head of Ondrej Kúdel, of Sparta but before
stopped with a pause. The final result was 70 minutes
Souce, who again succeeded in defeating.

"When I count the course of the match and the chances of both teams, the draw is
win. I'm glad we're having trouble with the injured players
they could beat the point. Sparta is very strong at home, "he said

Travian Slavia is a Slovakian midfielder in the last few weeks
Miroslav Stoch, whom many nominate the best Czech player
Union of the present.

"It was not a top performance from him, on the other hand he did well
which was released in the first half, I saw the shot only in the ball, where the shot
He went. This is the momentum of the moment. In the second, it helped us as always
wants to play. It did not take it completely, but it grew with time
in the end, an important article was that we were not under pressure "
has evaluated the performance of coach Stocha Slavia for the club's website.

In the defense of Sparta, another Slovak Legionnaire Luke played the entire game
Bristol, in a 2: 2 position, supported his sixth hand in his supposed hand
visitors to the penalty shootout. Referee but after consultation with the penalty for video penalty
the advise.

"It was a game we need to win. We had to make a profit
and all three points. We have one and it is a shame, "Sparty said

"I felt we could win the derby but we left two goals
from standardized situations, "coach Sparta Zedek regretted

"After a nervous introduction we were able to score the score and we were better
club. Slavia had a shot, but we had a lot of chances. yet
I say that although Slavia is in very good shape, we have a better team
like them. The situation on the table does not match this because we have our own
the problems. "

Sparta is on the third leg, losing Slavia and Plezen
seven points.

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