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The number of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is increasing


Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease – the immune system fights the body.

Approximately 8,000 patients with multiple sclerosis live in Slovakia. "Their number is rising, which can be triggered by early diagnosis and, in particular, prolonging patients' lives," said Jarmila Fajnorová, President of the Slovak Society of Scleroris Multiplex (SZSM), for TASR.

Diffuse sclerosis

The disease affects the central nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord. It belongs to autoimmune diseases, ie those in which the immune system fights the body. In particular, it affects the nerve fibers and damages them.

When someone is annoying, it is often said to be hardened. Neurologist Branislav Brezhny, however, explains that there is no sclerosis such as sclerosis. If the disease affects the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for the mental function, the clinical manifestation of a person with vascular sclerosis is evident. "Multiple sclerosis is also referred to as multiple sclerosis because the deposits of the disease are many and are scattered all over the brain," explained TASR Brezhny.

From the first symptoms to the development of the clinical condition of the disease, it can be several years. Often, the first symptom is characterized by fatigue, weakness and tingling of the limbs. "The patient usually does not watch and does not see a doctor because he does not consider this condition worrying," says the neurologist, adding that patients have vision problems, urological disorders, balance disorders and traps.

The cause of the disease is unknown

The multiple of sclerosis has varied and often elusive expressions. This is why diagnosis may not be easy and can cause confusion in the head with an experienced neurologist, "said Brezhny, but the most serious problem is the limitation of momentum and fatigue." Patients simply do not move , they will not come in. For more serious mobility disorders, patients use walking sticks, French bars, walkers and wheel chairs. The effect on the soft handler makes it more difficult.

Experts are not yet aware of the exact cause of the disease. The infection factor may be viral infections. "There are more than a hundred viruses diagnosed after infection," says Brezhny. Experts predict that the environment and increased hygiene standards of the population, anxiety, eating habits or allergies may be affected. vitamin D deficiency and smoking, especially for young women, "added Brežný.

Appearance is more common in women

"Multiple sclerosis does not appear from a race in a race, although in families where the illness has already occurred, it occurs more often than in the rest of the population," says the neurologist, appearing in teens and twenty, about three times as much in women according to SZSM, multiple sclerosis is the most common neurological disorder that leads to disability.

As a major advance in the treatment and diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, the neurologist considers the discovery of new imaging examination methods and their introduction to medical practice. "Magnetic resonance imaging is now the only imaging method that can confirm the damage to nerve fiber packaging, and we also map the effectiveness of the treatment," says Brezhny.

Progress in research has led to the emergence of a new biological treatment that multiple multiple sclerosis can hold. "In the past, the patient was diagnosed for a while with skeletal incompetence and women had no advice to have children, but today the patient with the disease is full of life, able to take care of the family, and disability has shifted for more than 15 years "say SZSM employees.

The most important is diet

Modern drug therapy is financially demanding, but it is fully covered by health insurance companies in Slovakia. Approximately 2,000 patients are treated in this country, and in 2016 health insurance companies have paid more than 44 million euros. "But the patient pays for vitamin supplements and anti-aging, such as muscle relaxants or pain," the association said.

"In centers for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, we would like to have an external hospital clinic next to the outpatient hospital, where the relapse of the disease, ie its sudden spread and the clinical deterioration of the condition, can be directly addressed. There should be other doctors, such as the ophthalmologist, the urologist, the rehabilitation worker, the psychologist. Also a sociologist or a lawyer. We would like comprehensive care in a place that works in some Western European countries, "said Fajnor.

Dilation with other patients is part of psychotherapy

From the Office of Labor, Social Affairs and Family the patient may receive contributions for various compensatory aids, refurbishment of the apartment without obstacles or purchase of a car required for individual transport, depending on the extent of his or her disability. In Social Security you can claim an invalidity pension.

The SZSM covers 25 clubs in Slovakia. For their members and others, they mainly organize educational activities and workshops of various physical activities with practical demonstrations. Also, refurbishment remains. "The meeting of patients with multiple sclerosis is part of psychotherapy," said Fajnor. In the context of SZSM's annual activities, an integral part of SZSM's annual activities was effortless vision, competitive examination of the potential and skills of people with disabilities. more.

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