Friday , August 12 2022

The Parker detector flies through the sunny atmosphere, it can clear some of the mysteries of the star – Journalistic politics


MYS CANAVERAL November 6 ( – The Probe Solar Probe sensor, sent by NASA, first approached the Sun, just two and a half months after its launch.

On Monday night, 24 million miles from the surface of the Sun flew. On the cruise, it reached a speed of 342,000 kilometers per hour and penetrated through the sunny atmosphere or the crown. No spacecraft is so close to our star.

NASA will not restore contact with the detector until it is far enough away from the Sun to prevent radio interference. Nicola Fox of NASA said scientists "they can not wait until they get the dataFrom the catheter, observations through the catheter could clarify some of the mysteries of the Sun. Assuming it lives in an extreme environment, the catheter will fly 23 times around the Sun over the next seven years and approach it. the next approach will be in April of the following year.

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