Saturday , July 2 2022

There are not 250 immigrants in Humenné


Migrants' reports are false by the Mayor of Humenné.

There are not 250 immigrants in Humenné. In her statement Tuesday, mayor of Humenné, Jan Vaľová, said this at the local elections on Saturday (November 10th).

The group responded, in its words, to the first false reports that the Humenné asylum center should be filled with refugees.

He claims to have attempted to abuse labor material from the interior ministry office before municipal elections, which officials wanted to adjust the way the asylum center operates for seven days.

"As a Member of the National Council of Slovakia, however, we immediately joined Prime Minister Petro Pelerrini and Interior Minister Denisa Sakova, the prime minister assuring me that no such material is included in the government's negotiation. unjustified deliberate wrath on the issue of immigration from certain opposition parties in the context of a continuous campaign of municipal elections. As there is no reason to for any initiative in this area, the Home Secretary withdrew its material, "Vaľová said in her statement.

They do not ask for asylum

As mentioned, according to the Director of the Migration Bureau of the Slovak Interior Ministry, Bernard Priecel, four people from Sudan are currently in the detention camp.

"They are under the command of the United Nations, they are not asylum seekers in the Slovak Republic, they do not stay in our territory but they are transported to a third country for half a year, so I repeat, there are not 250 immigrants coming to Humenne. , we are knowingly deceiving people, there is no reason to report or protest against the arrival of immigrants, as nobody will come, "Vale said.

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