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VIDEO Direct Transfer from the Hockey League Tipsport: HC Košice


Start electronic transfer:
18. 11. 2018, 17:00


1: 3, -: -, -: –

Steel Arena, Košice


Goals and assistants: 6. Spilar (Pulli) – 7. Vadas (Handlovsky, Špirko), 14. Špirko (Obdržálek), 19. Šišovský (Lušňák, Obdržálek). judge: (SVK), Juhász (HUN) – Smrek (SVK), Kis-Király (HUN).

KOS List:

Habal – McDowell, Dudas (A), Čížek, Šedivý, Koch, Pulli, Lenďák – Haščák, Brophey, Nagy (C) – Netík, Suja, Kafka – Spilar

ZVO Store:

Skopski – Vandane, Pufahl, Růžička, Zeleňák, Drgon, Ulrych, Pöyhönen – Vandas, Špirko (A), Handlovsky – Šišovský, Lušňák, Obdržálek – Zuzin, Petras


23:20 minutes

Spilar tried to accelerate to the right, but was extremely shaded. He just returned to the pantry, where his teammates pushed forward, but Tomek did not put them at risk.

22:01 minutes

The soldiers set up an inconspicuous but not at all horrible assault. After a few short passes, Hovann reached the inconspicuous finish and Habal's bet had to keep the hat in his trap.

21:30 minutes

The thin opening of the second third was rather deaf. The Stelitans, who now have to combine, were more active during this time. So far, have not yet invented a well-cultivated Zvolenčan.

20:15 minutes

The Chief Arbiter started the middle part of the race with the traditional throw of the puk in the central circle. The spectators at the Steel Arena are already curious, who will be the first in the second.

20:01 minutes

The second third began.

The first third of the match between Košice and Zvolen is over. After 20 minutes, the away team failed to deal with a good exchange.

The reason fell after the third: 8:13

The second third starts at about 17:54.

20:00 minutes

The first third is over.

19:50 minutes

Even before the break, Davy Soltsa's great opportunity came. He put Tomek and tried to shoot, but knight Rytierov was assigned to his account a famous act.

19:17 minutes

The last minute is the first third.

18:55 minutes

Zvolen scored goals!
At the end of the opening, Zvolen enters the most interesting line of two goals. Once again, hockey players in white moved to Habalom, where they did not have to invent much, but they noted. PETROVI ŠIŠOVSKÝ succeeded. Assistants: Patrik Lušňák, Petr Obdržálek.

18:40 minutes

A thrilling blue effort saw Tomek until the last minute, but managed to beat the coach from the right concrete with the report to start the mantinel.

18:03 minutes

No more time is interrupted, the units must rotate during the game.

17:30 minutes

Nagy was targeting two opponents, he could not help with that. To disarm him, he eventually succeeded Vadan, who is already moving forward.

16:39 minutes

Peter Ulrych's passage was still extensive on the back of the scarf, but the domestic skaters dominated the area. The Zvolen attack was so slow in the end.

15:50 minutes

There is a commercial break.

15:10 minutes

The game was now in the middle band and slightly lost its rhythm. Košice used the quick rotation of their players and Zvolen would also like to come back.

14:26 minutes

Pöyhönen did not think straight into the aggressive blue, in any case, one of the Zvolenčans did not have enough space to move there, so there was no attack.

13:40 minutes

Meanwhile, we continue to play five against five.

13:11 minutes

Zvolen scored goals!
The Knights showed how to do it. With their own weakness, they entered a number two with one, turned the bet and the captain RASTISLAV ŠPIRKO was elected without any problems. Help: Petr Obdržálek.

12:40 minutes

He was elected liberated, the dense now gradually intersects all lines.

12:14 minutes

Brophey pulled the checker between his legs after a nice browse and tried to finish in one thousandth place. Tommeka is not surprised, the elected goalkeepers did a lot of things.

11:25 minutes

Exclusion to HKM Zvolen (Lukáš Handlovský – 2 minutes, Dangerous toy with high stick).

10:40 minutes

Vandane stopped off with a bold side attack and, on the contrary, started off with a counterattack. At the end of the match was Habal, who would be the right hand of Kosice goalkeeper.

09:16 minutes

Spilar ends at the junction, the beak flew over the top of the rack on the back pillow. He was now playing with a fire, which could have been good for his players.

08:30 minutes

The situation could change again. A simple fight from blue to Tom was just what he could do before the goal. However, fortunately for Zvolen, he did not have enough space to finish.

07:40 minutes

Suja threw forward an interesting vertical sphere, but it was difficult to process. Zvolen's defense could have consulted this attempt to escape.

06:58 minutes

Zvolen scored goals!
Handlovsky advises Tom with a pair of aggressive Kosicians and on the right hand the game was moved to the opposite end. There, Zvolen also managed to make a 1: 1 match to MICHAEL VANDAS. Help: Lukáš Handlovský, Rastislav Špirko.

06:26 minutes

There is a commercial break.

06:08 minutes

Kosmas have begun now, but they should pay more attention to similar mistakes. After an unbeatable block release, the game is set on by Vladislav Habal.

05:24 minutes

Košice scored goals!
There is a relatively fast target of Oceliar. Now defeated the Zvolen defense at three. Tomek could have stooded for a long period of play, but GABRIEL SPILAR was waiting to be missed. Help: Jere Pulli.

05:16 minutes

Spirka had no place to hurry, he has been waiting for Tomek for a long time. Eventually, Zvolenčania tried from the middle of the race, but the coach went to the jargon. There he got his house.

04:20 minutes

The release was canceled.

04:16 minutes

For a long time Handlovsky could not get rid of the bloody Brophey, but eventually sent a good kick forward. In any case, his teammates had to revolve, so they did not think so much.

03:42 minutes

Players have played with five skaters in between.

03:01 minutes

No less interesting position came to Spilar. Pook came near the fire on the bank of the house for immediate shot. However, Tom has moved very fast and has kept his entire body.

02:14 minutes

And there was the first great opportunity. From the blue fleece, an interesting shot that was trying to run Nagy before the goal. Tommy was lucky, the latter eventually spent the three madness.

01:56 minutes

Zvolen won the bulls and Ruzicka sent the puk without major problems on all lines. So the Rytieri won a few valuable seconds, but the Stelians are heading towards Tomek.

01:30 minutes

Exclusion to HKM Zvolen (Patrik Lušňák – 2 minutes, Kick-off).

00:50 minutes

The center of the elite of the elected form of Špirko has now found his teammates in the defensive zone, but they have not managed to get through the well-run Koscians. The home team's opponents are attacking the by the local team.

00:17 minutes

The opening bulls were appropriate, the 23rd round between Kosice and Zvolen began. The first to make the bet was the hockey players under Pustý Castle who are trying to reach as fast as possible before the goal of experienced goalkeeper Vladislav Habal.

00:01 minutes

The meeting just started.

Introducing bands:

HC Košice: Habal – McDowell, Dudas (A), Čížek, Šedivý, Koch, Pulli, Lenďák – Haščák, Brophey, Nagy (C) – Netík, Suja, Kafka – Spilar

HKM Zvolen: Skopski – Vandane, Pufahl, Růžička, Zeleňák, Drgon, Ulrych, Pöyhönen – Vandas, Špirko (A), Handlovsky – Šišovský, Lušňák, Obdržálek – Zuzin, Petras

judge: (SVK), Juhász (HUN) – Smrek (SVK), Kis-Király (HUN).

Dear sports fans, for the 23rd round of Tipsport League in the 2018/2019 season is here and brings with you your own bullshit. The forces of the Steel Arena count the forces on the ice HC Košice and HKM Zvolen.

HC Košice did not take over the exact period before the representative break. At that time, the steelmakers lost three games in a row and so the leadership started to return. In addition, Koskitos suffered a shameful loss with Budapest at a ratio of 4: 8. So many of the goals won in the basketball network do not remember the Steel Arena until November 2.

It seems, however, that the breakdown of Oceliar was good. In addition to capturing an experienced Russian aggressor Igor Ignatushkin during the transport market, they also managed to stop a series of unfavorable results. On the other hand, in the other four games they did not score points, they only scored three goals and shot 20. So Košiceam is also second to the table, with a four-point loss to the leader of Zvolen.

Last three matches Cart:
MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas – HC Košice 1: 7
HK Orange 20 – HC Košice0: 4
HC Košice – MsHK Žilina 3: 1

HKM Zvolen may be satisfied with his current performances in season. Finally, Bryndziari won 24 matches up to 19, of which 16 had 60 minutes. They lost only 13 points, which is certainly not a bad business card. This fact also brought the team with the most productive attack on the first side of the league table, which is still the right hockey player from Central Slovakia without talks.

In addition, the Knight of Zvolen did not hurt a representative break. They get a series of five wins in a row, surpassing an opponent from Trenčín or Nitra. Their prosperity can only be played by the fact that in the first race at the Steel Arena they are dragging for a lower end and it would not be easy for them to do this this time. Of course, this may not play a part in Sunday's race.

Last three games Selected:
MsHK Žilina – HKM Zvolen 1: 5
HKM Zvolen – HK Nitra 6: 4
MAC Budapest – HKM Zvolen 2: 3 p

Welcome to electronic transmission. The session will begin at 17:00.

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