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VIDEO: UFC: Ľudovít Klein lost the second match in a row. Nate Landwehr winner


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MAudovít Klein lost his second match in a row after making his debut in the most prestigious MMA organization. UFC defeated Fight Night 195 in the third round at Apex in Las Vegas at 2:22 p.m. American Nate “Tank” Landwehr won with a technique called anaconda.


The savage warship Landwehr surprised with a tactical approach. He held his hands unconventionally high, tying Klein to trouble instead of hitting him. The first Slovakia in the UFC started well, but could not find a suitable distance after the nail in the middle of the 1st round. The cautious American attacked in the last 20 seconds, perhaps turning the bike to the side and gaining confidence.

Klein opened the second round with a combination of high shots, but “Tank” quickly closed it again. The Slovak dug his feet into the pot to slow his tongue. In the second half of the tour, Landwehr caught a goose named anaconda for the first time, and Klein escaped half a minute later. But the opponent had the advantage, his knees were mostly on the head of Thai cloves, and he gradually destroyed New Zealand.

Klein saved himself only at the end of the second round. He was running out of energy and disgusted his opponent. There was nothing to endanger Landwehr, and he stood in front of it, as experts warned. When he didn’t attack, he tried to delete it in a surprising way. On the contrary, it was a sign of ruin. Klein was not in danger on the ground, but the opponent grabbed the anaconda again, this time squeezing it.

Ludovín Klein’s matches in the UFC:

26. 09. 2020: Klein – Shane Young (NZL) – KO (1st edition, 1:16)
08. 05. 2021: Klein – Michael Trizano (USA) -body (28-29, 28-29, 27-30)
16. 10. 2021: Klein – Nate Landwehr (USA) – loves (Round 3, 2:22)

The hill of change did not help

Klein lost for the second time in a row after eight victories in four years. The UFC has a balance of 1-2, only 17-4. In another duel, he struggles to stay in the most influential organization.

Slovakia declared a “peak of change” after the defeat of Michael Trizan. He started working with strength and fitness coach Miloslav Ceb and mental coach Radek Šefčík.

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Klein admitted that he suffered from overtraining in the last weeks of training before Trizan. He acted with the motto “less, sometimes more”. He also made a mistake and did not return to Slovakia from the Sanford MMA camp in Florida for less than a month before the match. However, he did not benefit from changes in preparation and approach.

Landwehr is a former champion of Russia’s influential M-1 organization, which he defended twice before the transfer. In the UFC, he came into the game with Klein 1-2, earning points and knocking out twice in the first round. He took the separation duet and probably deserved a new contract. In total, there are 15-4 records.

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