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A young man does not mind the fact that he must be a trailer of a Slovenian team horse


Only 18-year-old skier Timi Zajc, who won the World Cup last year at Wisla, was the best in the Slovenian race at the big prize in the summer. The Gorazd Bertoncelj selector told him that the jumps had improved in the last season, so Zajc made a debut in one of the races in a single season.



The first to fire fighters jumpers, the last stranger in the jump camp has been resolved

"I think I kept the form I had in the summer, but something was upgraded, we got some new, even better equipment, so I hope I will pass the summer results in the winter," said the young jumper leaving for Poland where he was very disappointed as a debut last year, because he was successful in qualifying and then blocked in the match due to inadequate jersey.

Gorazd Bertoncelj skiing


He went to Janus's shoes with high-end #video




Better prepared than last year

"I quickly forgot about this blockade, I had some resin and there was little knowledge and it can happen to you in every game, but now I can easily avoid such situations. In Wislo I will be much better prepared than last year when I was for me this year, I already know the whole process, the summer form has been upgraded in the past two months, "SSK Ljubno said, adding that the expectations for the winter after the successful summer were higher than last year.

"In Wislo I will be much better prepared than last year when I was the first World Cup match for me. I already know the whole process this summer and the summer form has been upgraded in the last two months."
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Jernej Damjan


Jernej Damjan does not want another "survival battle"

In the first games with a calm head

"I think the summer season is still an indicator of the form, for example: Last season's Poles are jumping well in the summer and winter. I think I'm going to the first races with a calm head," Zajc said, expecting specific goals before "I want to be as tall as possible and not end up with goals. I want to relax in the game, I want to avoid thinking that it is now a game, so it has to be different." I want to show my best jumps. "

Timi Jacks

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Zajc, despite the bad weather in Innsburck last week – was forged by strong winds – calm, he also did the last training in a skating skis at Planica: "I was very happy after training at Planika, so I can really relax Last year, this was the first World Cup game, I was a bit nervous, this year I know this circus, I think I will be better this year than last year, I would like to keep the World Cup and go through the first fifteen.

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Slovenian teenager who will enter a new dimension on Friday

Everyone jumps for himself

The young jumper is not burdened with the fact that, according to the summer season, is the number one in the national team. "I do not even think about it because I'm training for myself, I do not have to be a pull of the team, because everybody jumps in the jump and has to show its best jumps," concluded Zajc, adding that he knew better the jumper from last year , as the Slovenes were there during the summer, there were also preparations: "If I do not go to the finals, I will leave Poland unhappy."

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