Friday , September 30 2022

NLB's shares are still available to institutional investors today


After 29 October-7 November interest in the purchase of shares of NLB could be made by small investors, institutional investors can still do so by 3 pm. today. Most of them are sold to NLB in the state. Tomorrow is expected to be the known final price for the stock, which will be between 51.50 and 66 euros.

A country that sells at least 50 percent plus one share and the maximum 75 percent less an IPO share will offer institutional investors, according to plans, 90 percent of the share they sell. This will be determined according to the amount of subscriptions in the section reserved for these investors and retail investors.

There is an unofficial interest

Interest and the final price per share are affected by the situation in the currently very uncertain market. It is informal to hear that there is interest among Slovenian institutional investors but is of limited importance in terms of the number of single company shares. Institutional investors from the region could also be interested in interests, for example, Croatian pension funds.

For Slovene pension funds managed by companies belonging to Zavarovalnica Triglav, Modri ​​zavarovalnice, Kapitalska družba and Sava, while we wrote to, there is a ban on buying. According to one of the pension fund managers, the Securities Market Agency said that NLB's shares can not be bought by companies that own at least one-fifth of the country's ownership.

NLB bank

Business today

Capital market guard just before: You can not buy NLB shares!




Order enough

According to Central Finance magazine, Bloomberg's SMEs have posted a one-line message to the Investor Information System that the limit of the NLB Book Order book has been reached. Anonymous sources confirmed in the newspaper that Deutsche Bank's and JP Morgan's top IPO coordinators reported to institutional investors that the issuance of orders was sufficient and gave them the impression that they were able to complete or improve the order book for the bids submitted.

Based on this unofficial information, it has not yet come to the conclusion that NLB's sales have been successful as investors can still withdraw their orders theoretically. They added that financiers really perceive this type of communication as such that they have ordered at least 50 percent and one share of the NLB. However, during the IPO, it is often the case that in recent days, sales consultants are trying to encourage subscribers to bid higher, they added.



The time to buy shares in NLB expires for retail investors

Small investors – natural or legal persons who are not very educated investors – could import at least ten shares and pay them at a price of 66 euros. When it is known how much the final price for a share and which of the shares will be purchased, the NLB will return the difference.

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