Saturday , August 20 2022

Shock, forgot the filter on Instagram and revealed what it really is (PHOTO and VIDEO)


The Brazilian model, who is engaged in beauty (38), underwent numerous surgeries to look like Barbie, among other things, changed her gender (Jessica Alves was once a person). Now she says that she finally feels happy, satisfied, wants to find a new love and hopes to become a mother one day.

But there is everything behind this neat and flawless look. After an unexpected mistake on Instagram, he revealed his true identity to millions of viewers in a live broadcast from a nightclub.

In the video, which was later broadcast with many entertainment shows, the “human Barbie” with a mobile phone camera is very close to the face. Thus, it showed that the skin is more porous than the images it usually shares. In addition, without the advantages offered by digital technology, it had a less shaped nose and less attractive eyes. A few seconds after the shooting, Alves realized his mistake and turned on one of the filters.

Also on the onlyfans portal

Despite his mistake, he is fearless and still shows that he has a large number of fans. In her latest posts, she shared pictures of herself wearing very little, and is also the only fan network to share her nudity. According to some media outlets, he has already earned the first million dollars only from his fans.

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