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The Chinese do not pay rent, but they want help #video state


The Chinese renters at Maribor airport delayed paying a rent for three months. On the other hand, the state requests more than three million euro of state aid.

For the last two months, the Chinese have not paid the rent for the airport infrastructure of Edvard Rusjan Maribor Airport. When November rent is payable on November 15, the debt will amount to about 300 thousand euros, according to Planet TV.

By managing the second largest airport in China, the Chinese have not really proven, but at the same time not only require the state to grant them a 50-year concession and to allow the state-owned land plan to extend the corridor but also to grant them State aid. Meanwhile, only the airline in the summer, the only regular airline was abolished.

Finally, it was paid in August

Edvard Rusjan Airport

Photo: STA

Before the Maribor airport stopped paying rent for Edvard Rusjan Maribor Airport, the Ministry of Infrastructure requested state aid of more than 3.2 million euros.

The reason for terminating the rent payment could be to reject the application for State aid. Finally, the rent was settled for August 2018.

The director and the procurator did not find the reporters

Today there was no manager at Maribor airport Lingkun Menga he is not a procurator Mark Gross. Planet TV's questions were addressed to the SHS Aviation e-mail address, which belonged to Maribor airport.

As stated in Meng's reply, the failure to pay the last two monthly rentals is not a consequence of economic difficulties but of objective conditions that the state knows. However, the current financial report has caused unclear deadlines for the adoption of state procedures.

Edvard Rusjan Airport in Maribor

Photo by Marko Wanowek

If there is no enlargement, they will prepare the suitcases

The investor must inform informally informally that he will prepare boxes if the national land-use plan does not cover the extension of the existing landing route by 800 to 3,300 meters. But with these plans the locals do not fully agree.

"The expansion of the airport will not bring anything good, but on the contrary, it would only mean the burden on the environment and a significant deterioration in the quality of our lives," said Simon Mark, spokesman for the Miklavž Political Initiative.

They believe that Maribor airport already fulfills its capabilities in its existing infrastructure.

"If we look at this airport on such an infrastructure as it is now, 600 thousand passengers and 50 thousand tonnes of freight spend annually, almost the same as the amount currently made in Zagreb, Brnik airport and Graz together," warns Mark.

They want growth, but they do not want the polluter

And they think about big-manian plans at the nearby Maribor airport.

"We want the development of the airport because it benefits us indirectly and indirectly for all residents of the area, but we do not want the polluter, which could cause some disasters in the region," says Philip Tavias, president of Aerodromski Center in Maribor.

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