Monday , May 29 2023

The voice of Brushes for sensitization to male cancers


November is the month of the fight against male cancer, also called mimbur. They joined the Jesenice Health Center, where employees put their mustache as a sign of support.

Jesenice – Movember is an international movement that aims to raise public awareness of the health and illnesses affecting men. So the men who support this month let the mustache grow up and the campaign is also symbolically symbolized by the mustards who wear the fans and photograph with them. They joined the Jesenice Health Center where, at the initiative of the Jesenice Health Center, they raised awareness of male cancers at the booth, while employees were photographed with a mustache to support the action.

Ksenija Noč, head of the Health Education Center, said that every seven thousand men in Slovenia are diagnosed with cancer every year. The most common cancer in men, especially in the elderly, is prostate cancer, which is diagnosed annually by 1,500 men. Men's cancer includes cancer of the colon and rectum, skin and lungs. According to Ksenija Noč, colon cancer is more common in elderly men, whereas cancer is mainly the disease of younger men, while men aged between twenty and forty are ill. As with any other cancer, the most important is early diagnosis, participation in the Svit program, which aims at detecting disguised bleeding in the stool, in its regular self-examination … It is also important to have a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet, movement, .

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