Sunday , September 25 2022

With this move, Google will provide more autonomy for smart clocks


With the new Wear OS system, the smart clock's autonomy should be prolonged considerably.With the new Wear OS system, the smart clock's autonomy should be prolonged considerably.

Smart handbook hours are becoming more and more popular among users, mainly because of their versatility. Their biggest flaw is now unquestionably the autonomy of operation, as it rarely exceeds one day. This is especially true for smart clocks based on the Google platformform Wear OS, but it will soon be changed. With the company Google prepare an update for them mobile functional systemic Wear OS, which will bring a completely refurbished and significantly improved power management system.

The new version of Google's Wear OS portable operating system will be richer for the energy-saving option to turn on when the battery capacity drops to just 10%. In addition, the smart wristwatch will turn into a deep-idle state if the user does not use it for a period of thirty minutes. For the prefix, all pre-installed apps will benefit from the new Smart App Resume option, which will allow you to keep up with a previous break, which will improve the user experience.

The new version of the Google Wear OS mobile OS will bring an entirely new way to turn off the smart watch. You can do this by holding the center power button on and off by selecting the "Disable" or "Restart" command on the smart clock clock.

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