Monday , October 3 2022

Earth suspects that it is behind Legionella hotplates


Photo by Fredrik Sandberg / TT

Do not breathe dust from the soil or fertilizer, suggest the public health authority. Stock Photograph.

The dust of the land or the fertilizer was probably behind the legionella's big outbreak this summer. Now contagious is over, but the Public Health Authority continues to recommend inhalation of soil dust.

The outbreak of legionella that struck 41 people this summer is now believed to have ended, according to the Public Health Authority. Since September, no new cases have been reported.

Exactly what caused the illness, the Public Health Authority was unable to identify. But suspicions fall under the handling of soil and cutting materials in relation to gardening.

Common denominator

"This was what we found as a common denominator, but we could not find the same variant of bacteria on the ground and those who were sick," says Anders Wallensten, State Department Public Health Deputy State Department.

Epidemiological research is now ready.

– I want to emphasize that those who suffered had underlying diseases, or were or were smokers, are the ones who often suffer.

Legionella, which is a serious illness, usually spreads through finely divided drops of water into the respiratory tract. Many cases occur every year. That infection comes from the ground is very rare here.

– We investigated this carefully to see if there was a special source, for example, if land was purchased. But we could not fix this.

Most commonly in Australia

In Europe, it is unusual with legionella-related outbreaks of land, but it happens more often in Australia, for example. The question is if it was heat this summer that caused the outbreak here.

"We can not say this because we have not seen the same outbreak in our neighbors.

Now the Public Health Authority recommends that soil handling should open the bags outdoors or in a well-ventilated area and prevent inhalation of dust from the ground. It is also good to moisten the soil or the composting material and after handling, washing hands is especially important.

"We consider the outburst as above, but we continue to come out with these tips," says Anders Wallensten.

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