Friday , September 30 2022

Frida Hansdotter four at the slalompremier at Levi


The harsh winds forced the slalom fighter to the Finnish Levi to move the launch below the hill. The opening of the first courtyard was also postponed for one hour.

Once upon a time, Freida Hanspotter showed that he is counting this year as well.

The conditions for the second yard were nice. The ruling gold medalist, where Hansdotter was only 14 inches after Shiffrin.

– I feel good. A nice trip, but I can do more. I kept the line well, but I could have pushed more to the edge. She feels good to go, "said Freida Hansdotter at SVT after the first fight.

Hansdotter out of the palette at Levi

In front of the premiere in Finland, the Swedish slalom has been on the podium in every match since December 28 last year, taking seven straight pockets in the World Cup slalom, eight if someone awaits the gold at Pyeongchang.

But there was ninth.

Mikaela Shiffrin took the slalompremier home to Levi and Frida Hansdotter finished four – just two inches of the podium.

"It was not a perfect route from Frida, obviously I hoped a bit more for her, and it is clear that she will be on the podium where she belongs, SVT specialist Tobias Hellman says in the broadcast.

The promise of Hansdotter – launches a new suite

When SportExpressen reaches it, it has melted the premiere.

– It's good to come back. I've really lived, she says.

How has the beginning of the realm affected the sphere of weather?

"It's just the same for everyone, so just to love the situation and follow the plan you've created. After all, it's an outdoor sport.

What goes wrong in the other field?

I really wanted to give this opportunity to other ocg I tried to push the edge. But I ended up at the wrong pace, which resulted in some ports where I had lost time to competitors.

The suite broke after almost a year of pallets. Acid;

– No, not really. Only the fact that you are referring to names such as Anja Pärson and Pernilla Wiberg is very honest. I'm starting a new suite in Killington the next weekend, says Frida Hansdotter.

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