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Give Löfven the opportunity to form a government


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Maktkamp24 |

15/11/2018 09:33

Let's see Stefan Löfven. He thinks Swedish Democrats Jimmie Åkesson. He thinks it would be the most reasonable.

Yesterday the Riksdag voted no Ulf Kristersson as Prime Minister and today the President will hold new meetings with party leaders to find out what needs to be done now. A quarter of two in the afternoon, the President will have a press conference to announce how he thinks.

But at this time, information was gathered on how politicians thought. In Aftonbladet, the leader of the Swedish Democratic Party, Jimmie Åkesson, says Stefan Löfven must have the duty to investigate a new government – and that the Party Party and the Liberals should vote for Löfven.

– Yes, that's right. Now the Center Party and the Liberals have joined the left-wing formation in Riksand, they can appoint their prime minister so we can move on, "Åkesson told Aftonbladet.

Do you think Löfven will be Prime Minister?

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