Monday , May 29 2023

Jordan B Peterson – a reactionary missionary


Everyone seems to enlighten Jordanian B Peterson's view of equality and gender equality, but few have noted what he really preaches: a reactive Christian ideology where religion is the solution to everything.

Canadian Professor of Psychology Jordan B Peterson.picture: Lars Pehrson / SvD / TT

Peterson's world of Peterson B is dark. In his recently revised book "12 Rules of Life – An Antidote to Chaos," the psychology professor draws a life where man is constantly on the brink of collapse. The book is part of Peterson's closest fanatical missionary in recent years as he found the way for the savior of salvation, like the one who found the light. For those who diverge, what he calls "chaos" awaits mental illness, social vulnerability or abuse that can lead to self-harm, murderous uprisings and political extremism.

After his controversial statement on equality, an important aspect of Peter's gospel has gone unnoticed: the reactive Christian ideology that he predicts as a rescue of society in "nil" seasons. Biblical references are extensively extensive and are discussed in detail in "12 life rules". The world is described in dualistic terms "chaos" and "light", the widespread self-esteem is attributed (symbolically?) The case of the garden of Eden and the moral acts monopolized to those who believe in God. The only difference from the Christian doctrine is that hell is not placed at the end – beyond the earth in the form of "chaos."

Peter's book is a pleasant mess. Caught by theological evictions and reactive conservatism, there is a lot of insightful psychology. In a proper chapter on the art of listening to others, Peterson refers to the golden rule of psychologist Carl Roger: "Everyone can only speak after correctly repeating the thoughts and beliefs of the previous speaker in a way that satisfies me. "

If I had spoken to Peterson, I would like to try the method in him to discuss the view of the role of religion in the world. About that:

You, Jordan, mean that the abandonment of God from the Western World has provoked the horrors of communism and fascism in the 20th century. I would like to remind you that Europe was the only country in the world that was in a state of constant war since the fall of Rome, long before secularization. And that the last mischievous decades were the most peaceful in human history.

You, Jordan, claim that Christianity has demonstrated a revolutionary correction of slavery societies. But why did not you mention that the first escorts who resigned from Europe's sledgehammer finds were singing under the "Cross of the Order of Jesus Christ", thus sending it to the "Pact with the Qur'an and God" as historian Petros Fragopanus wrote?

You, Jordan, believe that Christianity has solved the greatest problems of mankind and indirectly gave the impetus to science, which sought to solve the remaining materialist problems. But why do you have to say that the lack of spiritual salvation did not stop the ancient thinkers, such as Aristotle, Pygagoras, Archimedes, Theophrastus and Galenos, from being exceptional naturalists and mathematicians for their time?

Peterson's selective evidence against the secular world is an integral part of the idea of ​​the fallen man to be saved. But how can one claim to dissolve the darkness if one is for its readers behind the light?

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