Wednesday , February 8 2023

Now, naloxone is printed by nurses – Psychiatry


Earlier, only doctors could print nasal congestion, which is an antidote that can be given in the case of opioid overdose, such as heroin and morphine. The National Health Council and the Medical Products Agency together increased the availability of naloxone drugs.

Since March, it is possible to deliver naloxone at the time of prescribing instead of being transferred to a pharmacy. And as of August, the rescue service has the opportunity to cure excessive doses of opioids with naloxone in anticipation of the ambulance.

– Now nurses can prescribe certain drugs containing naloxone, provided the nurse has the skills required for prescribing to be consistent with good and safe care. The business leader will be responsible for assessing whether the requirements are met, "Åsa Lindberg, a lawyer at the National Health Council, said in a statement on the Authority's website.

Since January of this year, the drug is distributed free of charge in Stockholm to people at risk of overdose. So far, 400 individuals have received a total of 1 100 doses of naloxone and in 140 cases the nasal spray has been put into use.

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