Tuesday , October 4 2022

"Playland opens tomorrow as usual"


This is what Anders Forssten, Communications Manager at Leos lekland, says in Sweden.

Some guys thought it was unpleasant when Leo Lekland took room. Photo by Niklas Lind

It was at 15.43. Saturday when the alarm came for a burner stove in a kitchen in Leos Lekland. According to Anders Forssten there were 3-400 children and parents in the room at the time.

Some children were afraid and shouted.

"The fire was confined to the calka cookie, where we prepared cakes and ice-cream, and we always do it for everyone's security." Staff have regular firefighting exercises and what I understand is good, Anders Forssten says.

He does not know what caused the fire but refers to the technical research that emergency services should do.

"We'll open as usual tomorrow, Sunday," says Forssten.

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