Saturday , April 1 2023

Potatoes in Eskilstuna have overcome – von Celsing gets over 48 million – P4 Sörmland


The municipality decided not to apply for a higher examination permit. The City is of the opinion that the possibility of a case being won at the Supreme Court is too small and therefore chooses not to seek permission for a test.

The Land and the Environmental Court, like the court of land and the environment, found that the regulations constituted a breach of property rights.

The battle is that the municipality of Eskilstuna has banned the cultivation of potatoes on land that the municipality has described as a water conservation area.

Rossvik seed was unable to grow with the pesticide which, according to an agronomist in this case, is necessary for profitable crops

The municipality will pay for the constraint and financial losses it has caused

Town council Jimmy Jansson (S) says the municipality will now follow Swedish law.

Carl von Celsing, who manages Rossvik's headquarters, won a battle and now wins the difference. He does not want to pronounce himself before the verdict gains power and makes it on Wednesday.

"We now have a decision showing that the property is strong," says Jimmy Jansson at P4 Sörmland.

The cash for compensation at Carl von Celsing is out of use, the municipality writes in a press release.

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