Friday , September 30 2022

So good is the book by Jordan B Peterson "12 Life Standards"


The controversial Canadian professor of psychology Jordan B Peterson is one of the most controversial people today. His statements on equality, transgender, children's education, the role of men and political correctness have created a great debate. Some say he is a prophet of a desperate generation of young men and a useful element in political debate – others say he is a conservative maniac.

Peter's book "12 Rules of Life: An Antidote to Chaos" is the book that everyone is talking about now – but how good is it really?

First of all, I would like to say that it is very good to read Jordanian B Peterson's book without being bitter extremists of the right, brutal or conservative. The book can really be read with left eyes, humanitarian eyes, liberal or just the right eyes – it's not dangerous to read it – Peterson preaching in "12 rules" is not really Peterson who sees in voice interviews and remarkable lectures on Youtube.

Big parts of the book feel very reasonable. Simple rules of life, as one has to follow. It can be for a good attitude, sharing big life challenges in small, easily achievable goals, without lying and without fear of seeing hierarchies of it. Basically it has to be good things in other words.

Peterson rules the rules with stories from his own life. Sometimes they are beautiful and hearty, sometimes unnecessary and time-consuming. In other words, reading is a little like talking to someone at a party that never stops talking.

What separates Peterson's book from any self-help book is the curious parallels that draw between animals and humans and religion and history. Peterson uses mythology and biology to claim he is right – a parallel with a history of the Old Testament may be proof of a contemporary thesis. How to challenge hops to each other can explain human behavior. It is cherry picking at a high level.

Peterson is persuasive and intensive. I can really understand that the book can be a tool when the puzzle pieces fall into place for a sad and restless person.

But this is where the challenge is. Occasionally, ask yourself what you really like about Peterson's conclusions and opinions. Those who can not easily get involved and buy the whole package. Just as you listen to this person in the party that speaks too much.

And just like that person at the party that never stops talking, Peterson will get tired after a while. The extensions will be very large, the parallels will be too trapped.

What remains when the dust is installed are some valuable life tips that definitely make life better. Those who are curious should give the book the opportunity. But the tips for Peter's life could equally come from a careful application, a wise child or a spirited trainer.

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